Dec 03, 2010

When Phil Campbell, General Manager of ME Fitness, installed HOIST’s ROC-IT line of fitness products in Macau’s Hard Rock Hotel, the intent was to achieve synergy with the hotel’s name and the product’s name while offering their guests the highest quality, most technologically advanced fitness equipment possible.

Little did he know, the Macau Hard Rock Hotel’s gym would be the backdrop for a scene from the South Korean TV action drama series “The Fugitive PLAN-B” starring ‘Rain’ a well known South Korean singer and actor and HOIST’s ROC-IT line of fitness products.

The currently running 2010 TV action drama series features ‘Rain’s’ character Ji Woo in the Hard Rock’s gym running from the law. You’ll have to tune in to see if he escapes. But if he has time for a few quick sets on HOIST’s ROC-IT leg machines, he’s sure to make his escape.


@LiveEatArt if you have just the base H-210 machine its 442 lbs, if you have the Leg Press option as well it's 558 lbs. Hope this helps!