Nov 27, 2010

BE FIT Gym recently installed the complete line of HOIST ROC-IT and Commercial Freeweight (CF) products in their 1300 square meter, 1000 member facility in Viersen, Germany. The result? A ten percent increase in membership in just six weeks!

Andre Hexel and Angela Nix, the gym’s owners, chose the entire line of ROC-IT Selectorized, Plate Loaded and Commercial Free weight products because its diversity reflects their clientele. BE FIT gym has all types of members. From Senior Citizens, to beginning fitness buffs, to competitive body builders, HOIST’s ROC-IT line meets everyone’s fitness goals. ROCs unique movement and technology sets BE FIT gym apart from the competition, another of the owners’ goals and driving force behind their increase in membership.

“I just fell in love with the movement and the feeling of training on ROC-IT machines… …I can’t buy normal machines anymore after having tried HOIST. HOIST ROC-IT is the ‘Big Bang’ in the world of fitness equipment.”—Andre Hexel, Owner, BE FIT Gym.

“One visit at his gym plus one visit at my showroom and they knew it had to be HOIST.”—Gentil Dossche, HOIST Distributor, Germany


@LiveEatArt if you have just the base H-210 machine its 442 lbs, if you have the Leg Press option as well it's 558 lbs. Hope this helps!